1997: from Peking to Paris in a Citroën 2CV

September 6, 1997. A hundred classic cars leave Peking to face 16,500 km of endurance rally road across arid deserts and icy mountain ranges. They will meet with the relentless beauty of the Roof of the World, the desert plains of Pakistan and Iran, the enchanting cities of the Orient. With a passion for adventure, the book Peking Duck takes you along on this great challenge. Travel along with the Dutch Citroen 2CV team in the 1997 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge…
The classic car rally book Peking Duck is a wonderful travel book full of adventure and spectacular photography – nature, oldtimers in a breath taking Motor Challenge before the days of mobile phones, the Himalaya, China, India, Nepal, Tibet, Iran, Pakistan…
The Peking Duck travel book on the 1997 Peking to Paris rally was designed on luxury paper – even before the age of digital printing meaning excellent quality! This is the ideal present for all lovers of traveling, be it with or without and oldtimer, or a Citroën 2CV.Peking Duck costs only €45, postage included, and sent to you as a luxury set. This is an indispensable Citroën and travelogue lovers bookshelf must-have. Order at contact@ankevocal.com
(ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands als ‘Pekingeend’. €35 incl. verzending)
Praise from the press:
  • ‘Perfectly adventurous travel account of classic car rally’
  • ‘Cheerful open-heartedness…a worthy tribute to a phenomenal achievement in classics rally’
  • ‘A wealth of photographic beauty’
  • ‘Reads like a boy’s adventure book’
  • ‘Lovely photos…captivating narrative style…mesmerizing travel book of the 1997 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge’