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A new era, with new possibilities….

Vocal coaching through Zoom is so much less ‘distant’ than I thought! It’s actually possible to see, hear AND feel what is happening in the lesson. Never thought it was possible, but here we are!

Just want to thank you for another of your wonderful lessons. I really appreciate your approach. The way in which you fish the voice out from those hidden depths is marvelous and makes me feel so satisfied and pleased with myself afterwards! (Jackie, Sweden)

Thanks to the Corona crisis I am now taking singing lessons with Anke. It is a real benefit. Together, we monitor my posture on the screen, and through Zoom, I can record the lesson. Her enthusiasm and creativity during my weekly singing hour give me the energy boost that I so need in these times. I have learned so much during these past weeks. Thanks to Anke I rediscovered my joy of singing! (Brenda, Netherlands)

One hour of super efficient vocal coaching: € 50 per one hour lesson.
Package deal! Five weekly lesson package with 20% off:  € 40 per session.

  • inspiring lessons through Zoom
  • all levels
  • boost your vocal technique
  • stay in the comfort of your own home
  • in English and Nederlands