what others say

It is such fun to push myself and use your recordings to learn my part and it is bit daunting but more exciting to thing about the video recording. I am not participating in this project for the sake of having a video of myself but for taking part in a great project where singers and you as a great inspirational conductor take leap and work together whilst living our individual lives cross the globe and produce amazing joyful vibes around two songs. What an amazing idea! (Gabi, UK)
What I love about Anke’s project is to sing with her in the rehearsal videos she is providing. It reminds me of real life choir practice, which makes me happy. (Sonja, Netherlands)
The combination of my individual singing lessons and the Save our Songs Project is ideal for me. Plus, the singing chases away the Corona Blues. (Bettina, Netherlands)
After the Zoom rehearsal, I found myself going around the house singing and enjoying myself. Thank you so much for your inspiration!
(Jay, France)
‘Save our Songs’, a surprising and inspiring project! Anke has managed to organize a quality virtual singing project with singers from different countries.
The varied song material provides a good challenge. Her support during the five week project (including Zoom Café Sessions, instruction mp3’s, rehearsal videos and finally the ‘conductor’s video’) are of high quality and encourage you to give your best.
Please don’t think that you’ll be done as soon as you have sent in your first recording, as Anke gives you feedback, striving for a performance that is as perfect as possible – just like in a real rehearsal.
Consequently, my voice is in shape again after months of Corona-silence.
I strongly recommend it! (Peter, Netherlands)

Receiving this first video, I was thinking: How grateful we can be to have this unique possibility to keep our voice in good condition through your projects! Up to now no one of my conductors in the Netherlands offer a comparable opportunity. It is really a huge work to organise, so: “Hurray for a courageous, enterprising woman!” and thanks a lot from a never too old to learn and ever enthusiastic pupil.
(Liesbeth, Netherlands)


When I heard about Anke’s new singing projects I was excited. I used to have lessons with her years ago, and now we are in touch again. I am glad to have another chance to develop my singing skills with her.

She has guided this project with passion and professionalism. The result she achieves is very high quality of the final recording. Thanks to her music projects, we are connected with all kinds of people from  all over the world with the same passion – which is singing & making music.
Thank you Anke for your creativity to keep music alive in this
current crazy Covid-19 world! (Emke, Netherlands)


It is so lovely to be singing with you and the others. The videos are really clear. Thank you so much for continuing and for uniting people across the world. (Carol, France)


I have missed singing together so much since the lockdown in March! This is why I was instantly hooked when I read about Anke’s Save our Songs Project. I had been to her singing holidays in Southwest France, and hoped that, through this online project, I’d be able to transport some of that joy to the here and now. And yes, it worked!
Already the choice of songs was so typically Anke. A 16th century song and a contemporary hit from the sixties. Both of the songs were wonderful to sing and to study.
It was quite a challenge to record my own voice. I made countless recordings as I didn’t like hearing myself and made mistakes. My relief was enormous when Anke complimented me with the result.
For me, the fun in this project is the combination of finding joy in singing and at the same time learning something completely new. I have already booked for the next project! (Bettina, Netherlands)


Just want to thank you for another of your wonderful lessons. I really appreciate your approach. The way in which you fish the voice out from those hidden depths is marvellous and makes me feel so satisfied and pleased with myself afterwards! (Jackie, Sweden)

Thanks to the Corona crisis I am now taking singing lessons with Anke. It is a real benefit. Together, we monitor my posture on the screen, and through Zoom, I can record the lesson. Anke’s enthusiasm and creativity during my weekly singing hour give me the energy boost that I so need in these times.
I have learned so much during these past weeks. Thanks to Anke I rediscovered my joy of singing! (Brenda, Netherlands)

The videos are great, there is so much to learn in them.
(Elizabeth, France)